Diner spots shocking $60 charge on restaurant bill

The diner was stunned to spot the hefty surcharge after the group of four enjoyed a meal and some live music.

A group of four diners were slapped with a hefty surcharge on their restaurant bill after eating a meal and enjoying live music in the UK.

An image of the bill was uploaded online by one of the diner's partners and showed the share plates and cocktails purchased by the group, plus an £8 charge per person for 'live music' — which equates to just over A$60 for the four patrons.

The receipt also included a steep 12.5 per cent service charge amounting to $34. The total bill, including almost $100 in additional charges, was $365 for the group of four.

The £32 surcharge ($60 charge) can be seen on the receipt.
The restaurant receipt included a $60 charge for the venue's live music. Source: Reddit/AsperLDN97

Surcharge slammed online

Unsurprisingly the surcharge on the restaurant meal was heavily criticised by people responding online. Many said if the venue intends to charge its patrons for the live music while at the restaurant, this should be disclosed at the beginning of the meal and not at the end.

"I’d be livid to see this on my bill," one person wrote online. "If you’re gonna charge then do it at the door."

"And a 12.5% service charge? That’s outrageous," another wrote.

It is unconfirmed which restaurant the group of friends visited, however, according to the comments underneath the image on Reddit, the alleged venue do disclose the 'live music' surcharge on their website. The charge is added to customer's bills who are seated during the performance and the cost is optional.

Trend of 'ridiculous' surcharges inflicted by hospitality venues

In April, a Sydney couple were stung with a similar surcharge which added 10 per cent onto their total bill for the enjoyment of live music, which they slammed for being "totally ridiculous".

Another patron in the city copped a 'late-night surcharge' the following month when he was charged an additional $9.14 for the exact same beer order only a mere hour later, simply because it had passed 10pm.

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