Sydney store stuns shoppers with 'bulls**t' surcharge

As temperatures start to heat up this summer, some Aussies are already seeing red.

One Sydney shopper took to reddit to share their rage after popping into a store for a chilled beverage to find out the shop owner had slapped on an additional extra.

“Surcharge for cold drinks,” they wrote online. “I guess that’s a new one (at least for me).”

In an image of the drinks fridge inside Citi Super Asian Supermarket on George Street in the CBD, a bright green sign can be seen hanging from the top.

“Surcharge for cold drink,” it reads in large letters. “20 cents ($0.20) for under 1.5Lt. 50 cents ($0.50) for above 1.5Lt.”

The sign on the fridge inside City Super on George Street in Sydney.
The sign inside City Super on George Street in Sydney revealed the extra charge for cold drinks. Source: reddit

The post has since gone viral on reddit, with hundreds of people leaving a comment.

“This is utter bullshit,” one fired up user wrote. “So disgusting,” said another.

“What’s next?” someone else asked. “Salad tossing fee? Sandwich construction fee? I wonder if stores will soon start a cover-charge system. You pay a fee to get in and get a stamp so you can return for free.”

“Maybe if they had doors on their fridges the electricity bill wouldn’t be so high they had to extort their customers,” another said.

Some reddit users said Coles and Woolies had been marking up cold drinks for years. Source: AAP
Some reddit users said Coles and Woolies had been marking up cold drinks for years. Source: AAP

Coles and Woolies accused of charging extra 'for years'

While others insisted that the big supermarkets had been doing it “for years.”

Woolies and Coles do this just without the sign,” one person wrote. “Ever noticed how expensive a Pepsi is from the fridge instead of the shelf?”

“My local IGA charges me like $2 to $3 more for a colder drink,” said another.

While some claimed the surcharge was “nothing to be angry about".

“Am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of reasonable?” someone wrote. “I mean at the end of the day they have to pay for the fridge, floor space, power, etc. If you want to pay less then buy the warm drink.”

“They’re actually being quite honest to their customers by explaining the cost of the surcharge,” said another.

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