Diner shocked by 'criminal' $24 chicken parmi: 'WTF is that?'

A Brisbane club's take on an iconic dish has not gone down well with Aussie food lovers.

The neighbourhood club has long been a mainstay of Australian dining culture, a fuss-free place you could always rely on to serve up a decent family-friendly feed at a reasonable price. Alas, no more.

A Brisbane man hopped down to his local to order a chicken parmigiana on Thursday, but upon receiving the venue's take on the meal, he was less than impressed, sharing a snap of the shonky dish to Reddit.

"If you needed proof that the world was going to s**t, I just paid $24 for this," he wrote, before challenging fellow Reddit users to "guess what it is".

Chicken parmigiana
The chicken parmigiana was covered in so-called plastic cheese to the disgust of Reddit users, with one calling the meal a "hate crime". Source: Reddit/OfficialUberZ

"WTF is that?" responded one shocked Reddit user. "That looks like the back-end of a used nappy," offered another, while someone else initially thought it was "a burrito inside a condom".

It didn't take long for other sharp Redditors to work it out though. "Plastic cheese on a parmi," one suggested. "It actually looks as though the plastic wasn't even taken off," another user joked.

'A crime'

The man was then asked to identify the venue in question. "Using plastic cheese on a parmi is a crime. Time to name and shame I reckon," a Reddit user commented. Our diner obliged, revealing he'd been served the poorly plated parmigiana at a sports club in Brisbane. The club has been approached for comment.

Chicken parmigiana
Reigniting the age-old debate over what Aussies should call chicken parmigiana, one Reddit user quipped, "This is what happens when you order a parmi. They'd have given you a good one if you'd ordered a parma." Source: Reddit/OfficialUberZ

Adding insult to injury, another Redditor pointed out that the chips looked suspiciously familiar. "Pretty sure those chips are the Coles branded ones and they've been done in an air fryer," they said. "Look pretty much like the ones I eat most nights."

Close, but no cigar. "They are McCain's ones, saw them handling a few bags of them in the kitchen," the original poster responded. "Literally the ones you get out of the freezer at Coles, with the regular packaging and all."

Meanwhile other foodies debated the potential moral ramifications and legality of using pre-packaged cheese slices under any circumstance. "There is a time and place for plastic cheese. This however is neither the time nor the place," argued a concerned Redditor.

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