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Customer rages at $27 Sunday roast at Aussie pub: 'Absolutely pathetic'

A diner was seeing red when this meal was served up as the roast of the day.

A diner in South Australia is up in arms over an expensive pub meal they’ve described as “cat food”.

The customer took to social media to share their fury about forking out almost $30 for a roast in Gawler, about 40 kilometres north of Adelaide, on Sunday.

“Absolutely pathetic excuse for a ‘Sunday roast’ served at the Gawler Arms,” the disgruntled patron said alongside a photo of the dish. Pictured was a meal with copious amounts of gravy poured over beef, and a helping of chips on the side.

The Sunday roast at The Gawler Arms Hotel in Gawler, South Australia (left) and then menu with the meal listed (right).
The diner slammed the meal from The Gawler Arms Hotel in South Australia, as a 'pathetic excuse for a Sunday roast'. Source: Reddit/Lucid Dreema

The Reddit user went on to highlight the price increase for dining in on a weekend. “Plus they charge 30 per cent more on Thursday to Sunday,” they wrote. “I paid $27 for this cat food (plus salad bar which was rank).”

‘This makes my blood pressure unsafe’

According to the website, The Gawler Arms Hotel was established in 1848 and serves up “your favourite restaurant-style meals”.

“We know the importance of great food and a good time, and that’s why we pride ourselves on our delicious menu, making each dish with love,” it says online.

Listed under ‘other favourites’ on the hotel’s menu is the "Roast of the Day” which costs $19.90 from Monday to Wednesday and $26.90 on the other days of the week when all meals come with the soup, salad, vegetables and dessert buffet.

But diners aren’t buying it.

An exterior shot of The Gawler Arms Hotel in South Australia (left) and the buffet bar inside the restaurant (right).
The Gawler Arms Hotel, which opened in 1848, says it serves favourite, restaurant-style meals 'made with love'. Source: Instagram/The Gawler Arms Hotel

“That’s disgusting,” one person wrote. “No roast potatoes, no vegetables at all, I bet the meat was cooked at least a day or two before and reheated in the microwave with a dab of water to keep it moist.”

“That’s overpriced chips and gravy, where’s the roast, the veg?” another said. “They should call it meat and chips to save confusion,” a third added.

“As a former chef in Adelaide, this makes my blood pressure unsafe,” wrote another. “[I] hope they’re paying their workers 30 per cent more on a Thursday to Sunday,” someone else said.

The original diner went on to explain how “disappointed” they were when the meal arrived. “How can they justify that plus the price hike for the weekend,” they wrote, adding that they asked to swap the chips for roast potatoes but were told no.

Yahoo News Australia contacted The Gawler Arms on Monday morning but hadn't heard back at the time of publication.

Sydney restaurateur hits back

Last month a Sydney restaurateur came out swinging after Today host Karl Stefanovic criticised its $38 chicken schnitty and salad on national TV. The manager of the newly refurbished Five Dock Bowling Club defended the $37.80 bill saying prices were aligned with the market given the shortage of produce in Australia and that the “consumer needs to realise that.”

Five Dock Bowling Club menu (left) and an example of a chicken schnitzel (right).
Five Dock Bowling Club in Sydney hit back last month when it coped flack over a $40 schnitty and salad. Source: Skinny Tony's/Getty

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