Savage note on Aussie pub receipt stuns customers: 'F**ken bogans'

Would you be insulted if a waiter mocked your order?

The owners of a funky Melbourne rooftop restaurant and bar have responded after a particularly outrageous dinner receipt shocked a patron, who went on to lodge a complaint with the venue.

The docket from The Cornish Arms lists a $12 glass of Pino Grigio, with a savage note from waitstaff below that reads: "Ice in it f**ken bogans".

Yahoo News can reveal the message was never actually intended for the customer, with a junior staff member confessing they weren't aware it would appear on the customer's receipt.

Cornish Arms receipt with offensive note about bogans.
A Melbourne pubgoer complained to The Cornish Arms about an unexpected note added to a receipt. Source: Reddit

"We received the complaint from the customer on the 25th July," a statement from the owners of The Cornish Arms reads. "Staff were spoken to and reminded of their workplace responsibilities and the junior staff member then came forward to management and was very apologetic, not realising that it would print on the customer's receipt."

Pub takes action

The owners went on to say that the staff member has now been reprimanded and placed on a period of probation. "She has been spoken to and placed on a three-month probation. Her comment in no way reflects the values of the Cornish Arms and we will continue to educate and train staff to ensure the business evolves. The customer has since been spoken with and will be returning for a meal on us soon," the note finishes.

Aussies find note 'hilarious'

However everyday Aussies who have seen the receipt online are overwhelmingly amused by the note. "If I got this on my receipt, I would find it hilarious," commented one. "It is f***ing hilarious," replied another.

"They aren't wrong are they?" joked a third. "Poor wording but bang on."

There was some dissent in response to that opinion though: "Not necessarily," countered one particularly cultured Aussie Reddit user. "I have Italian friends who habitually put ice into table wine, including red," they revealed. "Especially a cheap Italian table wine, which this is."

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