Aussie Olympian sentenced to prison after 'meteoric' demise

Australian Olympic gold medallist Chantelle Newbery has been sentenced to prison, completing a shocking fall from grace.

After winning Olympic gold in Athens back in 2004 for the 10m platform diving event, Newbury became the first Aussie to win diving gold in more than 80 years.

Newbery’s troubles with the law began in 2014 when her home was raided by police and a number of syringes were found along with methamphetamines.

She escaped a jail sentence on that occasion, however her troubles were only just getting started.

Chantelle Newbery won Olympic gold in 2014. Pic: Getty

The 45-year-old was arrested in November this year after she failed to appear in court on two seperate occasions.

She was due to appear in court on charges relating to a September 26 incident where she was caught stealing goods worth over $1000 from a number of stores.

Newbury was slapped with a suspended three-month jail sentence, and will have to report to Toowoomba Police Station every week to complete her parole requirements.

She was refused bail with Magistrate Viviana Keegan declaring Newbery “should not be treated any differently from the general public”.

Chantelle Newbery of Australia acknowledges the crowd after receiving her gold medal for the women’s diving 10 metre platform. Pic: Getty

Newbury’s lawyer summed up the sadness of his client’s situation, saying the case was “one of the most difficult he’d ever dealt with” and that her fall from grace was “meteoric”.

Newbury admitted to experimentation with drugs in an interview with A Current Affair back in 2014.

“I have experimented with a couple of things but I wouldn’t say I was a drug user,” Newbery said.

“One and off, perhaps every now and then, but there has been no period of time when I have been using drugs or anything like it.”