Aussie mum fumes over illegal $287 parking act: 'Every single day'

Brisbane City Council told Yahoo News obstructing a footpath is dangerous for pedestrians – and can result in a hefty fine.

An Aussie mum is quickly losing her patience with her neighbours' parking habits, blasting their parking for being unsafe and illegal online.

The mum of two, who goes by Emzy Mumzy on social media platforms, posted a video of her walking along a footpath in Queensland while pushing her young son in his pram. She explained they were returning from a grocery shop from their local supermarket and the video shows the pram full of heavy items as she carries a loaded backpack.

Car obstructs footpath.
The car in question was parked over the footpath, forcing the mum to find a way around it with her pram. TikTok / emzy_mumzy

Suddenly a parked car comes into view and shows the mum's cause for frustration.

The car is parked partially on a driveway as well as over the footpath the woman is walking along, obstructing her way and forcing her to steer around the car. "Every single day I go shopping there's some idiot parked on the footpath," she says out loud in the video.

Parking video divides social media

The video brought an onslaught of opinions from social media users, with some condemning the motorist for limiting the footpath's accessibility.

"I always make sure if my car doesn't fit that I park on the road. Even if it is a quick visit," one woman said.

"Mobility scooter riders have the same trouble," another chimed in.

However, others raised their eyebrow at the mum for complaining and saying it wasn't an issue worth flagging.

"Looks like you walked around it fine," one wrote.

Despite it being a common sight on Australian residential streets, spotting a car that is partially parked over a footpath is illegal and the motorist could cop a fine of $287 in some jurisdictions.

The woman manoeuvring the pram around parked car.
The video shows the mum's struggle trying to get around the car with her pram as she walks alone on the footpath. Source: TikTok / emzy_mumzy

A spokesperson from Brisbane City Council told Yahoo News obstructing a footpath is dangerous for pedestrians and should not be a habit motorists adopt.

"Motorists should park within a property’s boundary or on the street, where legal," the spokesperson said.

"Residents are encouraged to call Council’s 24/7 contact centre whenever they have concerns that a vehicle may be illegally parked," they continued.

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