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Aussie man’s unexpected find in BBQ: 'Throw it out’

The man was confronted when he opened the lid of the barbecue.

A Queensland man was getting ready to use his barbecue in the backyard when he opened it and saw something rather unpleasant inside.

"So this afternoon I thought to myself I haven’t used the barbie in a while — might come out and chuck some steaks on," Jake, a Townsville resident, said on TikTok.

Opening the lid, he was confronted with a large nest of mice who had made the BBQ their home.

A photo of the Townsville local. Another photo of the mouse nest found in his BBQ.
A Townsville local was going to use his BBQ until he found a large mouse nest inside. Source: TikTok/thataussiefella (TikTok/thataussiefella)

"Are you f***king kidding me," the Townsville resident said.

The nest full of baby mice appeared to be made of twigs, shrubs and even scraps of rubbish like paper and a wrapper — which is common with mice nests.

Though the story doesn't end there. Jake then made the brave (and questionable) decision to touch the nest with his ungloved hand to inspect what was inside. A mouse — seemingly the mother — is seen snapping at his finger before running down the barbecue, producing a large shriek from Jake.

"It tried to run up my shirt," he said. "I will no longer be using the BBQ this afternoon."

A zoomed in photo of the mouse nest, revealing babies inside. A photo of the mother running away from the mouse nest.
The Townsville local zoomed into the mouse nest, revealing babies inside as well as the mother, who ran away. Source: TikTok/thataussiefella (TikTok/thataussiefella)

Social media users react to mouse nest in BBQ

More than 25,500 people viewed the now-viral video, sharing their thoughts on what they saw.

"Oh hell no! I would throw the whole thing out," one person said.

"I haven't used mine in a year and now I'm too scared to go look," another said.

"I was today years old when I learnt mice make nests," a third person said.

Others also mentioned this had happened to them.

"It’s a common place for the buggers! They made a nest in ours once too," one person wrote.

How do you keep pests out of your BBQ?

It's common to find pests like rodents, spiders, ants and wasps seeking shelter in barbecues – with mice being the worst offenders.

According to Aussie barbecue company Heatlie Barbecues, the best preventative measures are using a cover with tie-up straps at the bottom, as well as cleaning properly after use and as regularly as possible.

Though if a mouse nest is found, use protective gear like gloves and a face mask when removing it and make sure to use disinfectant and hot water to thoroughly clean it.

The same goes for mouse droppings, which can be very harmful to humans.

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