Aussie man's incredible act to save dog lost for two days

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An Australian man's bravery was on show for all to see when he scaled a cliff to help rescue his dog who had been missing for two days.

Beloved kelpie Macey went missing earlier this week after she managed to run away while owner Aden Pfitzner was trying to secure her with a rope at a petrol station in Mount Gambier, in South Australia.

Mr Pfitzner, 24, and Kelsea Fox, 22, and their families searched for two days hoping to find Macey.

On Tuesday, they received information there was a dog in distress on a cliff, according to a Facebook post that shared the remarkable footage.

Macey had somehow made her way to Valley Lake, a volcano that is no longer active. Mr Pfitzner then had to scale the steep cliff to retrieve the dog.

Pictured is owner Aden climbing to find Macey
Macey, a six-month-old kelpie, ran away from her owner at a petrol station and was missing for days. Source: Facebook/Ivey Rain

A two-man job see great results

In the video, Macey is seen running toward Mr Pfitzer as he makes his way up the cliff. Her tail wags frantically as he gets closer to her.

As he gets to her level, Macey pushes through the bushes and the two are reunited.

"She licked my face and I just gave her a big cuddle, then thought to myself, ‘How the hell am I going to get down?’," he later recalled to The Adelaide Advertiser.

Macey was clearly very excited to see Aden. The two made it down the cliff with the help of another friend. Source: Facebook/Ivey Rain
Macey was clearly very excited to see Aden. The two made it down the cliff with the help of another friend. Source: Facebook/Ivey Rain

With Macey under his arm, the two start their descent down the cliff.

It's not seen in the footage, but one of Mr Pfitzer's friends started climbing the cliff once he had reached the top, to help with the rescue.

The two used a rope that was already attached to the volcano and passed Macey to each other during the descent.

Mr Pfitzer noted the irony of a rope aiding in the rescue, given she ran away when he tried to tie her up just days earlier.

Community rallies together to help find dog

After Macey bolted on Sunday, the community in Mount Gambier rallied together to help find her.

The Facebook post was made by a relative of Ms Fox who thanked everyone for their messages of support and remarked it was a "great town to be a part of".

After the reunion, Macey was taken to the vet and surprisingly she was unharmed with no scratches and was not suffering from dehydration.

"She's like our baby … she means so much to us," Ms Fox told the ABC.

"She's made our life 10 times better than what it really was.

She said her and Mr Pfitzer were so overwhelmed last night they sat down and cried, just content knowing that Macey was safe.

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