'So selfish': Why this photo of a cyclist has left drivers fuming

A photo of a cyclist waiting at a red light in the middle of the road while next to a vacant cycle lane has caused anger online.

Furious Facebook users have slammed the actions of the lycra-clad rider as he waits at the front of the queue at a junction close to an on-ramp to the Pacific Highway in NSW.

The damning image was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday by Dylan Yasar who called for tougher action against the cyclist who he claims went straight on.

“Now this should be illegal and when caught [he should] be handed a $1000 fine for disrupting the bloody roads!” he wrote.

The cyclist waits at a set of traffic lights. Source: Facebook/ Dylan Yasar

“A bike lane available and he needs to take up an entire lane. Selfish prick!”

And hundreds others agreed, with users branding the cyclist “selfish”.

“So annoying and completely selfish,” one comment read.

“I hate it when there is a lane for them and they do not use it,” another said.

Many called for the government to introduce registrations for cyclist so they could be held accountable for their actions on the roads.

Yet several people defended the cyclist, suggesting he might have been turning right, questioning Mr Yasar’s claims he went straight.

“Look I’m not a fan of bikes on the road… but what if he is turning right? He legally can’t do that from the bike lane?” one user asked.

The cyclist is legally allowed to be in the lane if he is turning right, and is required to have used his arm to indicate his direction.

Another pointed out that if he did go straight on, the bike lane appears to phase out, meaning he would have to be in the vehicle lane.

According to NSW’s Centre for Road Safety, cyclists must use marked cycle lanes where applicable.

“When a bicycle lane is marked on the road and has bicycle lane signs, bicycle riders must use it unless it is impracticable to do so,’ according to official road rules.

If not using the provided bicycle lane, cyclists can cop a fine of $112.

While it was just one cyclist causing a stir in this incident, one Sydney motorist was shocked when he spotted several riders avoiding the cycle path last year.

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