Why this photo of cyclists on the road is frustrating drivers

A photo shared online of a group of cyclists has caused a stir among motorists.

A Sydney driver captured the moment over 10 riders took up a full lane as they rode three abreast along Captain Cook Drive in Cronulla, in the city’s south, on Sunday.

Yet it was their inability to use the designated cycle lane that appeared to rile the online community the most.

The driver’s damning image was shared online before it quickly began circulating across Facebook.

“Note the bike lane to their left,” a caption for the image read after a Perth resident re-shared the image in Facebook group Perth – Have a whinge.

The image taken on Sunday shows over 10 cyclists hogging the left lane heading eastbound on Captain Cook Drive. Source: Facebook/ Perth – Have a whinge

And fellow members of the group appeared equally aggrieved, calling for more action to be taken against disobedient cyclists.

“They need to be made to use the bike lanes where provided, and be fined for not riding within there provided lane,” one user wrote.

Even fellow cyclists slammed the group for their actions.

“As a cyclist this pisses me off… we have our own lane and I doubt they’re matching the speed of the cars going by,” another user said.

“[They] give people who follow the rules a bad name.”

But one cyclist defended the actions of the riders, saying it was unsafe to use the cycle lane all the time and reminding motorists most cyclists also drive themselves.

“The cycle path is not safe because cars/trucks often drive over it. The safest place to be is smack in the middle of the road. Get used to it,” she wrote.

Earlier in the year more than 100,000 signatures were gathered in a bid to change the law to make cyclists travel single file along roads.

“We are tired of taxpayer dollars being lavished on expensive road systems with designated bike lanes, only to see cyclists continue to ride two or more abreast, spilling into main traffic lanes and impeding traffic flow,” the online petition said.