Angry note left on ambulance while paramedics respond to emergency

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

Paramedics who had just responded to an emergency, returned to their ambulance to find a disgruntled resident’s angry note on the windscreen complaining about where the vehicle was parked.

The resident told the crew off for “blocking” their driveway about 11pm on Sunday, despite the ambulance service claiming the vehicle was “parked as considerately as possible”.

Paramedics who had just responded to an emergency returned to their ambulance to find a disgruntled resident left a “ disappointing” note on the windscreen. Source: East Midlands Ambulance Service

The note, written in red texta, read: “You blocked my driveway I waited 45 mins for you to move. Please have some consideration where you park the ambulance! This is not the first time.”

The East Midlands Ambulance Service in Leicestershire, England, tweeted a picture of the letter on Monday. 

‘Please talk to us – don’t just leave notes on our ambulances’East Midlands Ambulance Service has called on residents to approach paramedics if they need access to a blocked driveway, rather than leave rude messages.

“We would like to urge members of the public to come and speak to us if they urgently need to leave their house and we are blocking their access, rather than leaving us notes which we will not see until leaving the property,” the service said in an online statement.

Paramedic and Ambulance Operations Manager for Leicestershire, Lee Brentnall,  called the note “disappointing”.

The resident told emergency crew off for “blocking” their driveway. Source: Getty Images, file.

“This upsets our dedicated ambulance crews when they are trying to help our patients and do their job.

“Sometimes we will be able to move the vehicle, for example if we are treating a patient but they do not need both of us there at the time.

“However, there will be times that we are treating someone experiencing a life-threatening and time-critical emergency and moving our ambulance will not be our priority. In these cases, you will need to be patient as we try to save someone’s life.”

Notes on ambulances are a common occurrence

In April paramedics were attending to a patient in Bodmin, England, who had suffered an allergic reaction and would’ve choked to death had paramedics not arrived in time. First responders returned to their vehicle to find a note reading: “PRIVATE CAR PARK DO NOT PARK HERE”.

Despite many other reports of abusive notes being left on emergency vehicles, one resident left a letter praising first responders for their efforts.

“Don’t worry about our driveway. I’m not planning on going anywhere today. In fact, if you need to, don’t hesitate to park on our driveway. Thank you for all your good work!” one man wrote.