Aldi smashes Coles, Woolworths and IGA in new rankings

Budget retailer Aldi has come out on top once again for its fruit and vegetable selection.

In a third-year sweep, Aldi has secured the title of Australia's best-rated supermarket for fresh fruit and vegetables, according to findings by consumer research platform Canstar Blue. The survey involved feedback from 2,722 Aussies who had purchased produce from stores in the past month.

Aldi leads the field with five-star ratings across multiple categories, including Overall Satisfaction, Value for Money, Freshness of Produce, and Presentation of the Fruit and Vegetable Section. In the remaining category, Variety, the budget retailer earned a four-star rating.

Hand picking up tomatoes in Aldi supermarket produce aisle
Aussie shoppers have given Aldi's fresh fruit and vegetables the highest ratings of any major supermarket. Source: Getty

Canstar says Aldi managed to dominate the ratings by sourcing from Australian farms and conducting rigorous inspections. Aldi's suppliers use specialised equipment to measure "sweetness" and sugar levels, and to assess the texture of fruits.

Matt Atley, Aldi Australia Group Director of Fruit and Vegetables, attributed the retailer's success to its partnership with Australian growers. "Our joint commitment to delivering the highest quality fruit and vegetables at low prices means our customers never have to compromise on getting fresh produce in their trolleys," he said in a statement.

Supermarket fresh produce ratings
Supermarket produce was ranked across five categories. Source: Canstar Blue

Woolworths comes in second

The fresh food people took second place, receiving five-star ratings for Variety and Presentation of the Fruit and Vegetable Section, along with four stars for Overall Satisfaction and Value for Money. Meanwhile, Freshness of Produce garnered a three-star rating for Australia's biggest supermarket chain.

Coles in third place

Securing third sport was Coles, with four-star ratings in Overall Satisfaction, Value for Money, Variety, and Presentation of the Fruit and Vegetable Section. Like Woolies, Coles received a three-star rating for Freshness of Produce.

IGA trails behind in fourth

Rounding out the rankings was IGA, which achieved five stars for Presentation of the Fruit and Vegetable Section, four stars for Freshness of Produce, and three-stars in the other categories.

Ratings mask wastage problem at Aussie supermarkets

Canstar Blue's ratings have been released days after an Aussie farmer called out supermarkets in a viral video for their unrealistic standards, which she claims put a strain on local producers and force edible produce to be rejected.

While the raspberry farmer said major retailers refuse to accept produce with even "one insect" on it, beauty standards also contribute to excessive food waste. "Five to fifty per cent of any crop can get rejected because of the way it looks, either because of its size — it's too big or too small — or it has a blemish on it. The standards are primarily set on aesthetics," Farmers Pick co-founder Josh Ball told Yahoo News Australia in July.

In a damning report, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) previously revealed food waste costs the Australian economy about $36.6 billion each year.

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