Aldi shopper's deadly find inside bunch of grapes: 'OMG YUK!'

A shocked Aldi shopper has shared an unsettling discovery after purchasing a bunch of grapes at her local store.

The customer took to a popular Aldi fans Facebook group to warn others after finding a potentially deadly redback spider hiding amongst the grapes she and her family had been eating.

“Bought grapes from Aldi on Thursday been eating them on and off. They have been in the fridge until today only to find this spider in the middle...OMG YUK!!!” she wrote alongside a picture of the spider nestled inside the grapes.

Spider on grapes from Aldi
The woman was shocked to discover a redback spider nestled in the grapes she and her family had been eating. Source: Facebook

The incident comes just one week after another Aldi customer discovered a scorpion on her fresh produce.

Fellow members of the Aldi fans group said she was lucky she wasn’t bitten by the "nasty" spider.

“That looks like a redback! Omg. So lucky it didn't bite you,” one person wrote, while another added: “Well that’s a redback spider! Actually very common in grape bunches for some reason. Lucky you didn’t grab it, can be nasty.”

While it isn’t uncommon to find creepy crawlies hiding in fresh produce from time to time, it was the type of arachnid that was most concerning.

It appears this isn’t a one-off incident either, with other shoppers commenting they’ve encountered redbacks on fresh produce recently too.

“Omg same here! I had rinsed the grapes in a colander and somehow managed to miss it. It had been in the fridge for days!” she commented.

People walking into an Aldi store.
Several Aldi customers have found potentially dangerous species on their Aldi products of late. Source: Getty Images.

“I found a redback in my broccoli from Coles too! It’s a bit scary but at least you know it’s fresh with no pesticides,” said another.

“Must be nice and fresh, my boys found a baby redback on the bunch of grapes we picked from our garden despite me washing them thoroughly, he had hidden in between the grapes,” added a third.

The woman who posted the picture added that she too had thoroughly washed the grapes before eating and storing them, but the venomous spider somehow went unnoticed.

What to do if this happens to you

While most people aren’t too shocked to find bugs and spiders on their produce - with many saying it’s a good indication of freshness - some incidents should be reported to supermarkets.

Aldi customers are encouraged to contact the retailer directly through the online Help Centre if they have any issues, so that Aldi can review each situation.

The discovery of the redback spider comes just one week after another customer was confronted with a scorpion in her fresh Aldi produce.

At the time, an Aldi Spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that Aldi should be made aware of such instances.

"We strongly encourage customers to bring issues to our attention directly so we can review," the spokesperson said.

"Without contact with the customer, we can confirm that it is very unusual and that this broccoli hitchhiker isn’t where they belong — which is likely back on our Aussie producers’ farm."

Scorpion spotted in Aldi broccoli

Sharing the frightening find on Facebook, a customer from the NSW South Coast offered a “friendly reminder” to fellow shoppers to check their fresh produce before eating it.

A scorpion found in an Aldi customer's broccoli. Source: Facebook
An Aldi customer wasn't expecting a scorpion to crawl out of her fresh broccoli. Source: Facebook

“My FIL bought a head of broccoli from the Ulladulla store today and after I had cut it up and started cooking it, I realised something was crawling around my chopping board,” she wrote.

“It turns out a scorpion was living in the broccoli.”

Equally as unsettling was the discovery of what appeared to be spider webs inside four punnets of strawberries purchased at Shellharbour Aldi recently.

Aldi Strawberries
A mum has shared the strange web-like covering on her strawberries, saying "I just want people to be aware when they buy to triple check." Source: Facebook

“Purchased today at Shellharbour all four packs I bought are like this,” another customer said on social media on Friday.

“Not whinging just be aware before letting kids eat if you have purchased too.”

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