Aldi customer's fake tan goes hilariously wrong: 'OMG'

An Aldi customer has had the shock of her life after discovering she transferred something unintended onto her body while doing a self-tan.

The TikTok user was staying at a hotel in Sydney last weekend when she decided to give herself a fake tan before she headed to sunny Bondi in the morning.

Not wanting to mark any of the hotel room furnishings, she sat on an Aldi bag while her tan dried. However when she stood up, the bag was stuck to her backside and to her horror, she was left with an imprint of the Aldi logo on her bottom.

An Aldi bag and the imprint it made on an Australian woman's bottom
The TikToker ended up with the Aldi logo imprinted onto her butt cheek. Source: TikTok/@amy_baby92

"So now I have the Aldi logo, stuck to my fake tan on my butt," she said in the video she shared on TikTok.

Viewers found the woman's predicament hilarious, with almost 40,000 of them watching the video in two days.

"Omg!! Can you update when you've rinsed the tan. I didn't know it would imprint like this," one follower wrote.

"Aldi special buys has a new meaning haha this is so funny," another quipped, while a third wrote: "OMG. Funniest TikTok I've seen today."

Some joked that Aldi should be paying the TikToker for the free brand endorsement, while others sympathised with her, saying they probably would have done the same.

"That is gold!! Sounds like something I wud [sic] do," one confessed.

Fortunately for Amy, the effect was not long-lasting and the marking came off in the shower along with the fake tan guide colour, something she also shared with her followers in an update on TikTok.

Aldi logo imprinted on woman's bottom; Woman showing logo washed off
Much to Amy's relief, the logo imprint washed off in the shower. Source: TikTok/@amy_baby92

"The Aldi logo rinsed off thank God!" she wrote in a caption.

Most fans were happy she didn't have to walk around Bondi sporting the Aldi logo, though some were a little disappointed.

"Happy for you but so disappointed for myself. Was so keen to see the outcome," one viewer wrote in the comments.

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