Abbie Chatfield reveals X-rated reason she skipped major award show

The TV star has opened up about her dating history.

Abbie Chatfield has revealed the surprising reason she decided not to attend the ARIA Awards in November last year.

Speaking on her It’s A Lot podcast on Tuesday, the popular TV personality opened up about her dating life and how she’s recognised certain patterns in her romantic history.

Abbie Chatfield posing.
Abbie Chatfield has revealed why she didn’t attend the ARIA Awards last year. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“Since I’ve had this job, I know we’ve been joking about the ‘roster’, but I’ve dated a lot of different people from a lot of different walks of life. When I say walks of life I mean music genres,” she laughed.

“When I say that I mean there’s like, three [genres]. I’m not dating the whole music industry.”


Abbie went on to admit that her former flings and crushes with musicians prevented her from attending Australian music’s night of nights.

“One of the reasons I was hesitant to go to the ARIAs last year was that I knew there’d be too many people in one room that I’ve either had a crush on or that I have been penetrated by,” she confessed.

“And I just thought, maybe it wasn’t a good idea in the fragile headspace that I was in at that moment. So I thought, I’ll go next year for sure.”

Abbie Chatfield speaking on her podcast.
Abbie said one of the reasons she didn’t attend was because she felt ‘insecure’. Photos: Instagram/itsalotpod

'I would completely break down'

The FBOY Island host added that in addition to being busy interviewing psychotherapist Esther Perel and pop rock group Lime Cordiale earlier in the day, she didn’t attend the ARIAs because she felt “insecure”.

“It wasn’t really that I was like, ‘Oh and they’re all going to try and f**k me!’,” she remarked.

“It was like, if I go to the ARIAs and I see any of the few of them that I’ve had maybe something with or maybe thought I had something with, even like an online long-term DMing thing or whatever, and if anyone of them doesn’t acknowledge me or doesn’t come up to me and go, ‘Oh my god, so good to see you!’, I would completely break down.


“I would be sitting in a bathroom all night and my hair and makeup would be a waste. And also, no matter how hot you think you look, if someone that you had a crush on once ignored you, you’d feel like s**t.”

Abbie’s confession comes shortly after she revealed during the Adelaide leg of her Trauma Dump tour that she is “trying out” monogamy again and is currently in an “exclusive” relationship with a new man.

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