Vatican misspells Jesus' name

It's a good thing Jesus is known for his forgiveness.

The Vatican recalled a series of commemorative medals after it was discovered that Jesus's name had been misspelled as "Lesus."

The levil, it seems, is in the details.

The error, which was tweeted by the Catholic News Service, can be spotted in the upper right side of the coin.

According to CBS News, about 6,200 of the medals, which commemorate the beginning of Francis's papacy, were produced.

CBS: "The medal features a portrait of Francis on one side, and on the other, a Latin phrase that the future pontiff says inspired him as a teenager to pursue the priesthood: "Vidit ergo Jesus publicanum et quia miserando antque eligendo vidit, ait illi sequere me." (Translation: Jesus, therefore, saw the publican, and because he saw by having mercy and by choosing, he said to him, 'Follow me.')"

The Catholic News Service reported that four of the medals were sold before they could be recalled, speculating on the collector's value of the items.

If it's any consolation to the person or persons who committed the sin of typo, this isn't the first high-profile case of a misspelled name.

For years, folks who believe Elvis Presley to be secretly alive have pointed to the apparently misspelled middle name on the King's gravestone. The marker reads, "Elvis Aaron Presley," though Elvis was born Elvis Aron Presley.

Elvis's official site explains that Elvis had intended to change his middle name to "Aaron" before his death. When he went about doing it, he found that his birth certificate already listed him as "Elvis Aaron Presley," which was technically a typo.

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