Couple finds 'vintage Marilyn Monroe film'

A South Australian couple believes it is in possession of rare footage of Marilyn Monroe, before she was famous.

Couple finds 'vintage Marilyn Monroe film'

Couple finds 'vintage Marilyn Monroe film'

Ray and Sue Jenkins say it is vintage footage of Norma Jeane Baker and claim a similar piece of memorabilia sold for $150,000 in the Unites States.

How this film ended up in Port Lincoln is anybody’s guess, but the Jenkins hope it will raise funds for their medical bills.

“I need extra money because the costs involved in running to Adelaide for treatment etc, it’s just too much for us,” Ray told 7News.

Mr Jenkins suffered a brain injury from a tuna farm accident 12 years ago, while his wife is due to have exploratory cancer surgery next week.

Both hope a buyer will come forward and purchase the footage.

“Yeah, it would take a lot of financial pressure off and probably make her feel better mentally,” Ray said.

Staff at the Marilyn Monroe café in the Adelaide suburb of Brighton are convinced it is the real deal.

“It does look like her, I think it’s her facial features in general and her body shape because she has got the curves,” worker Anita Brgles said.

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