Libs pledge free rides for future Clipsal carnivals
Libs pledge free rides for future Clipsal carnivals

The Clipsal 500 has turned into an election battleground with the South Australian Liberals hoping the lure of free public transport will win over frustrated motorists.

The party has pledged free rides to ease the traffic congestion at future carnivals, but the Government has slammed the plan.

Clipsal 500 ticketholders can already catch buses, trains and trams for free throughout the four-day event with the hope of reducing cars and easing congestion around the city.

But with road closures and traffic restrictions now in place across Adelaide, the Government has been accused of failing to get people out of their cars and on to public transport.

Now the Opposition has come up with a plan.

“We’d offer free public transport throughout that entire period to all people in South Australia,” Liberal leader Steven Marshall said.

The plan would kick in with the first of the road closures and continue for nearly a fortnight during peak times.

While the Liberals say the plan would cost up to $2 million, the Government says it would be four times that amount.

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