Calls to remove provocative Facebook page

Facebook pages showing Adelaide teenagers in provocative poses have sparked outrage, with child safety campaigners demanding their immediate removal.

Calls to remove provocative Facebook page

Calls to remove provocative Facebook page

The page encourages youngsters to post photos of themselves online to be judged by others, but critics fear paedophiles are watching.

Hundreds of photos have been posted on the 'Adelaide's hottest teen' Facebook page, attracting more than 4500 likes.

Teenage girls strike poses, many in bikinis, and some even in their school uniforms.

Those visiting the page are encouraged to judge whether they think the teenager is the hottest in Adelaide.

"It's all about fame and notoriety and that takes precedence over any logical thought," psychologist Darryl Cross said.

"It's clear some of the teenagers didn't post the images themselves."

Even more alarming are comments like "so many pedos can see me right now."

On the 'Adelaide Hills hottest teens' page there appears to be a pre-adolescent boy, which was noted by one Facebook user.

It's chilling to online safety crusader, Sonya Ryan, whose daughter Carly was lured to her death by an internet sex predator.

"I feel really fearful for these kids [they're] really not thinking about who their real audience is," Ms Ryan said.

Even more shocking, a page that encourages local teenagers to send in their details to meet up with other subscribers.

Sonya Ryan is calling on Facebook to urgently pull down the sites, saying they not only expose kids to sexual predators, but also cyber bullies.

One 17-year-old 7News spoke with agrees it's dangerous behaviour.

"It's for the attention I reckon, and it's peer pressure to do it cos everybody else is doing it."