Close call after car narrowly misses house

A man is lucky to be alive after his Subaru clipped a roundabout, flipped and crashed into the front yard of a Western Sydney home.

Close call after car narrowly misses house

Close call after car narrowly misses house

According to witnesses, the sedan appeared to be racing side by side with another car before the accident happened in Girraween just before midday.

One witness told 7News: "There was another car racing with him on the other side of Talga Road and he was just trying to get away from the car cause it was trying to merge in."

Another said: "This guy was going a bit fast, the other guy wouldn't let him go through.

Moments later the Subaru clipped a roundabout, flipping and crashing through a fence.

Neighbours raced to help as the alleged second car fled the scene.

Emergency crews were on hand as a tow truck pulled the car back onto the street.

Police say they're still investigating the cause of the crash and are calling for the driver of the other car involved to come forward.

They don't believe the drivers were street racing but are looking into whether road rage played a part.

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