Missing pooch reunited with emotional family

A Mackay family has been reunited with their pet dog, who went missing two years ago.

Missing pooch reunited with emotional family

Missing pooch reunited with emotional family

Volunteers helped fund the effort to return 'Diesel' to his owners after the animal was found on a Southport street on Sunday. His owners details were found on a microchip beneath his skin.

Today he was a star at the Animal Emergency Service at Carrara, sporting a new collar.

"Every good Staffy (Staffordshire Terrier) needs a bit of a studded collar really," Doctor Lisa Brumby said.

After being lost - for two years, Diesel left for home this morning - escorted to Brisbane airport before a flight to Mackay.

In 2010 - the Mcdonalds had accepted their pet was gone for good. He was just a puppy when he went missing from their Gold Coast home.

"I was in shock and I just couldn't believe it. So skinny," Diesel's owner Samantha McDonald said.

Where Diesel has been for the past two years remains a mystery but his future appears certain.

"Heaps of cuddles, a lot of new memories," Samantha said when asked what is in store for the playful pooch.

The McDonald family pose with Diesel.

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