Propaganda claims against Newman government

The Newman Government has been accused of using taxpayer funds to peddle propaganda over water costs to voters.

Propaganda claims against Newman government

Propaganda claims against Newman government

It’s also claimed his letter to households proves he's back-flipped on a major election commitment.

For more than one million water users in the south-east their bill this quarter will come with a flyer signed by Campbell Newman giving them an $80 rebate.

"It's a letter from the Premier explaining the situation with the water bill which it accompanies," claims acting Premier Jeff Seeney.

It's costing the Newman Government $92 million but the Opposition says the letter is electioneering, not information.

"They're using government money to put propaganda into people's water bills," Opposition spokesperson Jo-Ann Miller says.

The letter blames 'skyrocketing water bills in the past five years' on 'poor planning and panicked decisions' 'resulting in massive spending on things like 600 million dollars wasted on the failed Traveston Crossing Dam.'

Mr Seeney doesn't know how much the letters cost to print, estimating a few thousand dollars, which he says was covered by the distributors.

"It's a miniscule amount of money compared to the $600 million it's a miniscule amount of money... It's a very appropriate communications piece," he said.

"I think what water consumers can expect is a much more efficient water industry."

The Deputy Premier denies the flyer's promise of a one off water rebate backs down from the Government's election pledge to save families $80 on their water bill every year.