Red light relief for Gold Coast

Gold Coast drivers will soon be able to turn left at some red lights, in a trial aimed at easing congestion and reducing frustration.

Red light relief for Gold Coast

Red light relief for Gold Coast

The move will only be permitted at selected intersections at first, but could be rolled out across the state.

At certain intersections where drivers queue and wait to turn left they'll be able to ignore the red light and go.

"It's just so many times we sit there on red wasting time," Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate said.

"It’s just to keep the traffic moving at a minimal cost."

The Gold Coast will be the first city in Queensland to adopt the amended rule that's helped improve congestion in other states for decades.

"The reaction is many motorists who have come here from other parts of Australia - they wonder why it doesn't occur here," Transport Minister Scott Emerson said

"We'll trial it and we'll see what the reaction is from motorists."

Drivers must first come to a complete stop, then check for cars, cyclists and pedestrians before they're free to turn.

"Personally I'd like to see it at every single intersection that has traffic lights," said Mr Tate.

However, peak motoring group RACQ is concerned the move will confuse drivers and put the safety of other road users at risk.

"It's not clear cut, it's not something that's intuitive to most motorists. If they make a mistake, the consequences could be very high," Steve Spalding from RACQ said.

If the change is successful, the rule could be applied across Queensland.