Jesse Kelly says he's a changed man

FIRST ON 7: The young man who sparked the Macquarie Field riots eight years ago is free on bail despite breaching his parole conditions twice.

Jesse Kelly says he's a changed man

Jesse Kelly says he's a changed man

As well as being convicted of drink-driving, Jesse Kelly is now accused of driving while disqualified.

The 28-year-old knows he will never escape his past, but he says he is trying.

The father of two has told Seven News that he's a changed man, and he deserves another chance.

"I try very hard, every day I try ... from where I come from to where I am now I think there's a big difference," Kelly said.

Eight years ago, Mr Kelly sparked one of the biggest law and order disturbances Sydney has seen.

There were four nights of running battles between Macquarie Fields housing commission tenants and police, after Kelly crashed a stolen car during a police pursuit.

His two best friends, Matthew Robertson and Dylan Rayward, died.

In 2011, Kelly was given parole, but just months after he was released he was caught drink-driving on a provisional licence.

He stayed free on parole and was fined $750, with his licence suspended for nine months.

Howard Brown from the Victims of Crime Advocacy League said the purpose of parole is to give people a second chance, but parolees like Jesse Kelly must abide by the rules.

Sydney police officers line the street during the Macquarie Fields riots in February 2005. Photo: 7News

"He's basically given them the one-fingered salute and they've gone, 'Oh, well we'll give you another chance,'" Mr Brown said.

"How many chances do we have to give these people?"

Last Friday, Jesse Kelly faced Campbelltown Court again for two counts of driving while disqualified, and again, his parole has not been revoked.

Police and victims groups say they're frustrated with the judiciary.

"We don't want to put people behind bars that have made silly mistakes, but we do want to put people behind bars that continue to make those mistakes," the Police Association's Scott Weber said.

Kelly says he deserves a chance, and will spend the rest of his life trying to redeem himself.

"I've got a life sentence for myself, I killed two of my best mates... I've gotta live with that for the rest of my life," Kelly said.

Jesse Kelly's best mates, Matthew Robertson and Dylan Rayward, died in a car crash following a police pursuit in Sydney eight years ago. Photo: 7News

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