Police warn of Sydney credit card gang

Police are warning a highly sophisticated credit card crime gang is ripping off unsuspecting targets in Sydney.

Police warn of Sydney credit card gang

Police warn of Sydney credit card gang

Although the leader might looking respectable, in reality he’s a modern day Fagan using teenage thieves to rip off the unsuspecting.

Their latest raid was in Governor Macquarie’s tower. The gang managed to avoid the tough security by entering via a thoroughfare in a heritage listed terrace right next door.

Their victim was a barista who makes coffee for Ministers and their staff.

Jess Ucak told 7News: "Just as I was going to go to the gym, I’ve gone to collect my bag and my bag wasn't there."

A security camera caught one of the teenagers checking to see if cafe workers were looking before pouncing.

They immediately went on a spending spree with Jess's credit cards.

"Then they've gone to Macquarie Centre at Angus and Coote...bought two thousand dollars worth of jewellery and one thousand dollars on electrical goods at another store," she said.

Police fear the gang may have been operating undetected for some time and will strike again.