Boy pulled from class due to red hair

Boy pulled from class due to red hair

Boy pulled from class due to red hair

A 12-year-old boy will be taught in isolation at his UK school because he is constantly bullied about his red hair.

Tyler Walsh has been the victim of extreme bullying at Yate International Academy in Bristol, all because of his fiery red hair.

The bullies have even been visited by police in an attempt to stop them from taunting Tyler and chasing him into the school's toilets – but to no avail.

Now the school says it has no choice but to remove Tyler from his class and place him in their 'pupil inclusion unit', meaning he will be separated from the rest of his classmates.

Tyler's mother Emma says the school is targeting the wrong student.

"It should be the bullies who are excluded from school, not their victim," she told The Sun.

"Tyler is a bright boy, and he wants to learn. He always works hard, and that, along with the colour of his hair, makes him a target for bullies."

Mrs Walsh now says she has no choice but to pull her son from the school because it has failed to end Tyler's ordeal.

"He has been bullied from the minute he started secondary school - before Christmas we even had to get the police involved after he was beaten up on the street.

One boy held him down while another one kicked and punched him in the stomach.

The police went round to the other boy's house and had a word, but he was back at school the next day, and the bullying was worse than ever.

"The bullies shout at him and intimidate him in the school corridors, and steal his schoolbag at lunchtime and throw it over the wall."

To add insult to injury, the school is refusing to send Tyler work to complete while he searches for a new, bully-free, school.

"He wants to learn and has been getting excellent grades," Mrs Walsh told The Sun.

"Yate International Academy has punished one boy, when a whole group was involved. I think it is absolutely disgusting."

The school has defended its actions, saying it has followed all of its bullying guidelines.