'A danger to everyone': Drivers hit out at bus road rule

Josh Dutton
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People have vented their frustration after being reminded of a road rule involving buses.

NSW Road Safety shared video on Facebook as part of Bus Safety Week to remind drivers to watch out for buses when they pull out of a stop.

“If a bus is pulling out of a stop don’t speed up and try to overtake the bus,” the department says in the video.

A bus is seen leaving a bus stop with a car behind it.
People are angry about the road rule which means drivers should giveway to buses leaving stops. Source: NSW Road Safety

“The size of the bus means it may be difficult for you to see passengers have left the bus and are preparing to cross the road.”

When buses indicate and have a give way sign on the back, drivers are required to give way to them.

Many take opportunity to complain about bus rule

While some people heard the message loud and clear many complained about the rule.

“I’ll look out when they look out,” one man wrote.

One woman complained buses indicate sometimes but don’t move forward and “all the anxiety was nothing”.

“Some of them have their indicator on for a quarter of a second before pulling out in front of you,” another woman wrote.

Another woman wrote buses "are a danger to everyone".

However, not everyone was critical of bus drivers.

One man claimed “too many drivers are not paying attention on the road”.

“They don't see the bus at the stop ahead, they don't look for the lights, they don't slow down when the driver starts to pull out, then they come up with the excuse ‘the driver didn't give any warning’,” he wrote.

“No bus driver is going to barge out into the traffic flow, they hate filling out all the forms afterwards. The graphic is an excellent example of what happens.”

Another man added "90 per cent of drivers" ignore the rule.

"Seriously you can actually see the car increasing its speed once you put the indicator on," he wrote.

Failure to give way to a bus in NSW is a $349 fine and three demerit points.

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