The 46-year-old travel blogger turning heads on Instagram

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Danielle is 46 years old and making her mark in a youthful market. Photo: Danielle Greentree

Danielle Greentree is a travel influencer making waves in the Instagram world not only for her enviable destinations and travel tips, but for an age-defying look which has shocked the world.

The veteran traveller’s Instagram page travel_a_little_luxe was named Forbes Travel Guide #1 Travel Instagram last July, and boasts over 98k followers.

Danielle might look 25 years old in her adventurous images, but in reality she comes to the table with over 25 years of experience.

It recently emerged that the life-loving blogger is 46 years old, a rare age for a travel blogger in a market full of 20-somethings.

With a toned body, youthful glow and wanderlust lifestyle its no wonder followers were shocked, but Danielle says her age is what gives her a real edge when pursuing her travel dreams.

“Being an older influencer, I can bring to the table more travel and business experience, simply because I have more than 25 years of both under my belt,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“That’s more than the age of some of other influencers!”

Danielle is 46 years old and making her mark in a youthful market. Photo: Danielle Greentree

She says though she takes offence when strangers impolitely ask her age, it tends to comes up naturally when she’s sharing travel stories which can date to as early as the 90’s.

“They are generally surprised (when they find out) and for the most part their response is that they assumed I was much younger,” she said.

She attributes her youthful look to a mixture of good genes, healthy lifestyle choices and exercise, but most of all to her pursuit of her passion: travel.

“Travel brings out the best in a person and opens the world to new experiences and new relationships and this gives me lots of energy for when I am back home to want to feel good,” she says.

Danielle says travel keeps her feeling and looking. Photo: Danielle Greentree

At the end of the day she insists her experience and age are largely to thank for her success so far.

“Decades in my boring day job have helped build the foundations to pursue a lifetime of travel,” she said.

“Having spent more than 25 years travelling and after visiting about 70 countries, I can validate my recommendations or opinions on destinations and hotels.”

She says what she loves most about her new life is the endless possibilities she wakes up to everyday.

“The world really opens up and the opportunities that present themselves are as diverse and interesting as the people you meet,” she says.

Photo: Danielle Greentree

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