$349 fine awaits cyclists trying this dangerous move on our roads

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The roads are always full of potential hazards for cyclists to negotiate, particularly if they find themselves getting too close to moving cars or any larger vehicle.

So it’s not surprising to see that the authorities have deemed it illegal for any cyclists to grab or hold onto any moving vehicles whilst travelling on the roads.

It’s a dangerous act that could cause serious harm to both the cyclist and the car’s occupants and anyone caught doing it will face some heavy repercussions. So just how much could it cost?

Cyclist gesturing at driver. Source: Getty Images
Cyclists are not allowed to hold onto any moving vehicle. Source: Getty Images

A moving target

It may seem obvious for many cyclists that holding onto a moving vehicle is a dangerous thing to do, but it is something that is deemed common enough to become an actual law.

Classified under the second section of Australian Road Rule 254, it’s mandated that cyclists must not grab or hold onto a moving vehicle anywhere on the open road.

Cyclist in heavy traffic. Source Getty Images
Cyclists can be hit with fines higher than many road offences. Source: Getty Images

It’s a rule designed to protect everyone who uses the roads and with the safety of multiple people possibly being put at risk, it is a rule that has been universally adopted by all states across Australia.

It is one of several rules recently designed to give more space between cars and cyclists on the road to help reduce the number of collisions that occur between cyclists and motor vehicles every year.

Reaching for trouble

Should any cyclists be caught trying such a move, the police won’t hesitate in dishing out a large fine to any individual attempting such a risky move.

Surprisingly, this dangerous act could cost cyclists more than what most drivers would pay for breaking a road rule. Some of the heaviest penalties include:

NSW: In New South Wales, the police can issue a fine of $349 to any cyclist found holding onto any motor vehicles moving on the roads.

VIC: Authorities across Victoria will dish out a $227 fine for anyone who is caught grabbing a moving vehicle when on the roads.

QLD: Like many cycling offences in Queensland, any riders caught by the police holding onto a moving vehicle will find themselves getting slapped with a $137 fine.

SA: Cyclists in South Australia found to be holding onto a moving vehicle while on a paved road will get hit with a combined fine of $205.

WA: In Western Australia, any cyclist found to be latched onto a moving vehicle will be given a $50 fine by local police officers.

TAS: Should anyone in Tasmania actively grab onto a moving vehicle whilst riding a bike, they will be punished with a $130 fine from the authorities for their actions.

ACT: If any cyclists in Canberra are caught grabbing a moving vehicle, the police can give them an immediate fine of $154.

Cyclist stuck in traffic. Source: Getty Images
Cyclists in NSW could be fined up to $349 for grabbing a moving vehicle. Source: Getty Images

NT: Just like many road rules in the Northern Territory, cyclists holding onto a moving vehicle will be punished for breaking a general offence and hit with a minimum fine of one penalty unit – currently worth $157.

As you can see, there are some serious punishments for cyclists trying this dangerous move on the roads regardless of what the reason might be.

These laws have been introduced to ensure that both cyclists and vehicle drivers are safe when on the roads and to minimise the risk of accidents.

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