Zoo's bizarre act after wolf 'dies of old age'

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A zoo has raised a few eyebrows after claims its wolf passed away due to old age.

A man recently visited Xiangwushan Zoo in Xianning, China, when he decided to check out the wolf enclosure.

But on getting to the enclosure, he found a dog inside, according to video uploaded to Chinese social media platform Weibo.

A dog seen in the wolf enclosure at Xiangwushan Zoo in Xianning.
A dog was placed in the wolf enclosure after the wolf died. Source: Weibo via Baidu

A man identified as Mr Xu, who filmed the pooch, told Beijing News the zoo told him the wolf “died of old age”.

An employee confirmed this to the Global Times and said the dog, which appears to be a Rottweiler, was only staying in the cage temporarily and is the zoo’s watchdog.

People online confused by dog in cage

On Weibo, people were both saddened and confused by seeing the dog in a cage.

"At least get a husky," one man wrote, according to the BBC.

Others added at least dogs and wolves are related.

“The zoo should change the sign to ‘canine enclosure’ then they would be fine,” another wrote.

A staff member at the forestry bureau told news site Shine.cn the zoo was struggling financially and the bureau had asked for the wolf enclosure sign to be removed.

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