'Love this so much': Social media loses it over journalist's 'wholesome' TV report

A news reporter’s live cross has been interrupted by an adorable puppy.

Fox 5 DC's Bob Barnard was doing a cross from the snowy streets of Leesburg, in the US state of Virginia, last week when the little pooch tried to steal the spotlight.

Barnard talking to people in the neighbourhood about the freezing cold weather.

In the video, he says “streets like this will be easier to navigate”, expecting crews to clear snow off the roads soon.

Fox 5 DC's Bob Barnard with a puppy.
Fox 5 DC's Bob Barnard's live cross was interrupted by a cute dog. Source: Fox 5 DC

“It’s not as icy as it is slippery right now,” he says.

A puppy then excitedly runs up to Barnard and he kneels over.

“This dog just ran out here,” he says.

The little pup then playfully runs off and he tries to give chase.

“I don’t see an owner,” he says.

Bob Barnard, a reporter with Fox 5, has his face licked by a puppy during a live cross.
Never work with animals or children, they say. Source: Fox 5 DC

Barnard manages to pick the dog up and she wagged her tail.

“Forget the people we talked to earlier. I want to get to know this dog,” he says as the puppy fidgets and begins to lick his face.

Barnard tries to continue to speaking to the people in the studio but the puppy is having none of it, and continues licking Barnard’s face.

He points to a house believing that’s where the dog escaped from.

The little dog’s owner, a woman, walks down to greet Barnard.

“I’m so sorry,” she says as Barnard hands her the little puppy.

He asked if she “really just ran out” and the owner explains she managed to escape.

The woman tells him the dog’s name is Pierogi.

“Life is good,” he says as Pierogi’s taken inside.

Fox 5 DC's Bob Barnard is pictured.
People praised Barnard and loved his cross. Source: Fox 5 DC

Viewers praise 'awesome' video

Viewers said they lost it over the "wholesome" footage after it was shared on Youtube by Fox 5.

“This reporter is awesome,” one woman wrote.

“Such a cool dude. Pierogi was having way too much fun in the snow.”

Others added “this is the news I want to see” and “full of fun and happiness”.

“This dude is just having an amazing day. I love this so much,” another man wrote.

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