Young mum's horrifying death after simple breakfast mistake

The 33-year-old made a deadly mistake while cooking a fried egg.

A 33-year-old mum has died in hospital 10 days after receiving horrific burns when she tried to fry an egg.

The horror unfolded when mum-of-one Elisângela Oliveira de Jesus heated oil in a frying pan while cracking an egg into a glass to check it hadn’t gone bad.

In what proved to be a deadly mistake, she didn’t notice the glass had water in it. When she emptied it into the pan, a huge flame rose. It hit her in the face and burnt her T-shirt and nursing bra.

She was taken to a local hospital near São Paulo, Brazil,on February 16 before later being transferred to a burns unit.

Elisângela pictured with her dog (left) and with her partner and baby (right)
A giant pan fire hospitalised the 33-year-old who later died of a cardiac arrest. Source: Jam Press

She had surgery scheduled for Monday however died from a cardiac arrest shortly before the operation could take place and was laid to rest later that day.

She leaves behind a husband and a one-year-old daughter. Good Samaritans have been trying to fundraise to help support them financially.

Adding water to hot oil, even minimal amounts, can proved catastrophic, and can ignite causing intense fire.

"Water is a very dangerous liquid when deep frying. When water encounters very hot oil that reaches about 175C, water vaporises instantaneously turning into super heated steam. It expands quickly, which can cause oil to splatter and risk bodily injury," the US government's food safety department states.

Fires caused by water entering oil should not be extinguished with water or a wet towel as this will only exasperate the fire. Instead, turn the heat source off and cover the flames with a metal lid.

- Jam Press

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