Bathrooms with no walls emerge as a new real estate trend

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

A six-bedroom property with one interesting design feature is anticipated to break records at auction for the Brisbane suburb, with an ensuite that has no walls.

The open-plan design is not only limited to the living areas of this luxury Wynnum property, but the bathroom is completely visible from its master bedroom.

Buyers are divided over the interesting design feature of the six-bedroom home at 18 Alverna Close, Wynnum. Source: Queensland Sotheby’s International

While the bath tub is completely exposed, the toilet is blocked by a small privacy wall.

It’s a design common to modern hotel rooms, but the feature is also gaining momentum in Australian homes, listing agent Joseph Lordi told Yahoo News Australia.

While it’s the first bathroom without walls he’s listed personally, the Sotherby’s International Realty senior sales executive has noticed the trend emerging as buyers seek open-plan lifestyles.

The ensuite is completely visible from the master bedroom of this luxury Wynnum property. Source: Queensland Sotheby’s International

“We’ve definitely been noticing it over the last five years,” Mr Lordi added.

He said potential buyers have been divided over the feature, with some planning to keep the space as-is if they win at auction.

The interesting feature was definitely not being viewed as a deal-breaker, with interest in the property remaining high.

The bath tub is completely exposed, however the toilet is blocked from view by a small privacy wall. Source: Queensland Sotheby’s International

For those who do prefer the added privacy, Mr Lordi said adding walls was not a costly exercise, and can be converted simply with a few sheets of Gyprock plater.

He is hoping the 2,045sq m property at 18 Alverna Close, Wynnum will break records for the suburb when it goes under the hammer on Thursday, July 11.

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