Woolworths workers caught mocking customer requests: 'Do your own shopping'

Online shoppers have been roasted over their detailed instructions for Woolies team members.

Woolworths employees have been discovered mocking customers on social media for making special requests in their online grocery orders, with some workers even suggesting they deliberately ignore instructions.

Posts in an unofficial Facebook group for Woolies workers show staff discussing notes left by shoppers, including one request for 'firm' blueberries and another asking for ice-cream "from the back" of the freezer.

Each request kicked off a string of responses from employees, who appear to laugh at the notion they would be fulfilled.

According to the supermarket, however, staff are doing their best to fulfil customer requests.

Woolworths customer's request for firm blueberries
Woolworths workers are having a field day with customer requests, such as this one for "firm blueberries". Source: Facebook

Woolworths staffers scoff at requests

One post shows a request to "select firm blueberries", prompting a Woolworths staffer to joke about opening the packet and feeling the fruit in order to comply with the customer's plea.

"Should've eaten a few to make sure they were OK too," suggested a colleague in the comments. "Do your own damn shopping, or get what you get and don't get upset," another offered.

The author of the post went on to boast of dismissing a further request from the shopper, who had also purchased 10 cucumbers and left a note to ask that the freshest be selected.

"I didn't. No way I was wasting my time," the employee shared.

Woolworths customer's request for very frozen ice cream
A Woolworths shopper's plea for "very frozen" ice cream has apparently fallen on deaf ears. Source: Facebook

Another customer's note requesting that ice cream be taken "from the back" of the freezer was roasted by Woolies workers.

"Reads note as reaching for the first one on the shelf," responded one team member. Similarly, a request for a "pretty" coloured fly swatter was shot down. "Sorry love you're getting brown," an employee wrote alongside an image of the shopper's note.

Woolworths customer's request for a pretty coloured fly swat
A Woolworths team member scoffed at a customer's request for a pretty coloured fly swat, saying the shopper would receive a brown one instead. Source: Facebook

Freshness a common concern

Selection of recently stocked produce and meat appeared to be a common concern for Woolies customers, with another Facebook post showing a request that beef mince be "double checked" for freshness.

One staff member went so far as to suggest messages like these are the "best way" for shoppers to ensure they don't receive the freshest products available.

Woolworths customer's request for fresh items
A Woolworths customer's threat to complain if staff didn't select the "freshest items" doesn't appear to have been taken seriously. Source: Facebook

Woolworths responds

A spokesperson for Woolworths told Yahoo News there are occasions where special instructions left with online orders can't be fulfilled due to extenuating circumstances, however every effort is made to ensure shoppers receive what they ask for.

"We expect our team members to always meet the specific requests customers place in their orders but we know that due to supply or stock issues, this is not always the case. If a customer is unhappy with their order, they're encouraged to contact us so we can look into it," the spokesperson said.

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