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Woolworths worker reveals pet hate at closing time: 'Always one'

A Woolworths worker is giving everyday Aussies another glimpse behind the curtain of what it’s like to work for the supermarket giant.

The Woolworths employee, Angel, shared a video on TikTok where she hilariously re-enacted an annoying customer behaviour at closing time.

Angel previously made headlines after a video of her brutally roasting deli customer’s frustratingly vague orders went viral on TikTok.

In her latest video, captioned: “Front end deserves some attention,” the Woolies employee hilariously mocked annoying customers who decide to do their full grocery shop at closing time.

Speaking into a microphone that is supposed to be the Woolworths intercom, the Woolies worker says: “Attention please customers, the time is now 8.55 and our store will be closing in five minutes.”

Woolworths staffer roasts annoying customers on TikTok
The Woolworths staffer shared a video on TikTok where she hilariously re-enacted an annoying customer behaviour during closing time. Source: TikTok/@aangeltilley

She instructs all customers to make their way to the checkout area to finalise all purchases.

“On behalf of staff and management we’d like to thank you for shopping at Woolworths. Have a lovely night,” she says, blowing kisses into the microphone.

Woolies worker hilariously re-enacts exchange between staffer and customer

However, then the same TikToker enters the store impersonating a customer, complete with fake moustache, hat and an empty trolley.

“Hey mate, you know the store closes in five minutes right?” says the Woolies staffer to the customer.

“Yeah mate, no worries. Just coming in for a couple of things,” replies the customer.

Five minutes later and the staffer informs all customers it is now 9pm and urges them to "make your way to the exit."

When the annoying customer still hasn't left the store, the staffer approaches him to inform him that the store is closed.

Woolies worker helps customer to check out with groceries
The Woolies worker hilariously exchange between a staffer and customer who is still shopping after closing. Source: Getty

“Oh no, mate. I just started my shopping,” responds the shopper.

“Yeah, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that. I’m going to have to ask you to leave. I'm sorry,” says the staffer.

At this point the customer grunts, makes some unintelligible noises and starts to leave the store, but not before giving the supermarket worker a piece of his mind.

“You know what mate I ain't ever coming back here ever again. How dare you kick me out,” they tell the staffer.

'I FEEL this!': Supermarket staffers share their own customer stories

Supermarket staff were quick to respond to the video, with over 4,000 views and several comments from retail workers who shared their own customer stories.

"We have one lady who comes in 10 mins before close to do a full shop and rips into whoever tells her it's closing time!" wrote one supermarket worker.

"As a service supervisor at night, I FEEL this! There’s ALWAYS that one person, usually the same person every night!" wrote a second.

"Always fun when you have the same customer come in close to closing time to do a big shop and at 9pm is coming through checkout with a FULL trolley," wrote a third.

While another staffer confessed to locking the cigarette cupboards three minutes before closing to deter tardy customers.

Another wrote: "I'd tell them in future they should pay attention to what time the store closes and arrive earlier if they wanted something."

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