Woolworths staff call out 'infuriating' customer habits in viral video

The video was posted on social media prompting shoppers to share their point of view.

Woolworths employees have released a cheeky video showing the customer habits that frustrate them the most.

The lighthearted video taken at a Melbourne store has over 500,000 views, and involves staff members imitating customers in real-life scenarios they've encountered while working.

First on the list is a 'customer' saying "I need help" to an employee in the self-checkout area, but not moving out of the way so the employee can actually look at the screen.

A photo of a Woolworths worker acting out a customer in the self-checkout area, who leaves their basket there instead of putting it back. Another photo of a Woolworths worker struggling to scan a Gatorade drink, during which a person acting out a customer remarks that the product is free if it can't be scanned.
Some Woolworths staff at a Melbourne store poked fun at specific customer habits that frustrate them. Source: TikTok

"Can I just get through to help you please," one woman, who is role-playing the employee, says in the TikTok video.

Another seemingly controversial habit was acted out, showing a customer leaving their green basket out in the self-checkout area instead of putting it back. Other scenes included clicking at employees for their attention, asking for "extra" Disney collectable cards, and putting a basket with products on the conveyer belt, expecting the employee to unpack them.

The additional habits that made the list include:

  • Asking an employee with a badge and uniform if they work there.

  • Saying to an employee at the register: "You look bored, I can give you something to do".

  • When a product is not scanning, saying: "Oh it's not scanning, must be free then".

  • Asking an employee to help find a product, only for the product to be right in front of them.

Woolworths video draws mixed reactions

Many supermarket workers responded to the post sharing the frustrations of the employees saying the highlighted habits were "the most relatable thing ever", with one Coles worker adding they "happen more than you'd think".

"I hate baskets on the conveyer belt, I just pick the basket up and tip the items onto the belt," one worker said.

Woolworths staff in viral TikTok video.
The video has gone viral on social media and has attracted mixed responses. Source: TikTok

"The 'you look bored' thing is the most infuriating thing after finally getting through the never-ending long line and feeling like you can finally relax," another said.

Customers share supermarket workers' bad habits

The sketch about not putting the basket back attracted the most heat, with some customers guiltily admitting to doing this, while others thought it shouldn't be their responsibility. "We’re already scanning our own groceries, I think you guys can put the baskets back," one person said.

Customers also took the opportunity to raise their own gripes with supermarket staff.

"We need a video from the other perspective like the staff in self-serve ignoring customers because they are chatting to a friend etc," one person suggested. "From a customer's point of view when you ask about a product and they just shrug at you," a frustrated shopper said.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Woolworths about the video, with the supermarket saying it is "following up with the store involved".

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