Woolworths shoppers rage about shrinking produce amid soaring prices: 'Disbelief'

A Woolworths customer has slammed the supermarket giant after paying top dollar for barely one sandwich's worth of lettuce.

Like many shoppers, Andie Jade refused to give up the humble household staple, despite staggering price hikes in the wake of recent floods.

But she couldn't believe her eyes when she unpacked her latest Click and Collect grocery order from Woolworths on Bribie Island.

Tiny lettuce head a Woolworths shopper received in a recent order. Source: Facebook/Andie Jade
A Woolworths customer was outraged after receiving a "sprig" of lettuce in her Click & Collect order. Source: Facebook/Andie Jade

Ms Jade paid $3.90 for a head of green oakleaf lettuce but she told Yahoo News she was in "disbelief" when she received just enough salad leaves for "one sandwich".

"It should never have occurred," she said. "Honestly, what's their excuse?"

She unleashed online, posting directly to Woolworths' Facebook page, referring to the salad as a "sprig" of lettuce while asking if it was a joke.

"Ummmm... Am I being punked?" she wrote.

"$3.90 for a sprig of lettuce. Why would you even buy this from the farmer and put it on the shelf? This is literally how the two came in my click and collect. Refund please."

Alongside the post, she shared an image of the miniature lettuce.

Another Woolies shopper fumes over produce size

Ms Jade's disappointing purchase comes within days of another Woolworths customer lashing out at the retailer over the size and cost of its produce.

Melissa Formosa claims she received a piece of watermelon that was no bigger than the size of her hand for a staggering $8.50.

She also took to Facebook to vent her frustration, sharing an image of the fruit alongside a kitchen utensil for size reference.

A small quarter of watermelon one Woolworths customer received
Another Woolies customer complained about the size of a piece of watermelon, which cost her $8.50. Source: Facebook/Melissa Formosa

"What a joke Woolworths, you could not even tell me that this was a full quarter... maybe a quarter of a quarter!" she wrote.

"I understand watermelon is expensive but if you're going to charge per piece online instead of per kg at least send a decent size piece."

Woolworths has been contacted for comment.

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