Woolworths customers rage over 'lazy' packaging trend: 'You're kidding me'

A Woolworths customer has slammed the supermarket giant for using "way more bags than necessary" in his online order amid the retailer's active promotion of its sustainability plans.

Lyle Peaker told Yahoo News at least four bags in his order were severely under packed, with just a couple of items inside.

"I literally said out loud 'You're kidding me, right?'," he said.

Left: A plastic Woolworths bag next to a jar of Mexican salsa and a gravy packet. Right: A second plastic Woolworths bag alongside some dishwashing liquid and a jar of pickles
A Woolworths customer was fuming over the amount of plastic bags holding minimal products in his online order. Source: Facebook/Lyle Peaker

The customer also took to the Woolies Facebook page to vent his frustration, accusing the retailer of "taking the Mickey" with bagging after some bags in his order contained just two small grocery items.

"Hey Woolies, your delivery is great since I've been working from home for the last two weeks, but c'mon guys - You're taking the Mickey with the bagging," he wrote.

"I had bags with two small items per bag. This trend continued through the entire order."

"The irony of the 'Reuse & Recycle' type on the bag is not lost on me."

Two images were shared with the post, showing that one bag contained a jar of salsa and a gravy packet while another was packed with only dishwashing liquid and a jar of pickles.

"It's a bit ridiculous, he commented.

Mr Peaker added it wasn't the first time it has happened.

"Another time I recall a whole bag dedicated to two capsicums, and one with a single loaf of bread," he said.

Another Woolies shopper fumes at packaging: 'Pretty bad'

It comes within just days of another Woolworths customer lashing out at the supermarket giant for being wasteful after she discovered multiple plastic containers were used for one pre-packed produce punnet.

The shopper purchased a pack of oyster mushrooms from Woolies in Byron Bay earlier this week and was shocked when she opened the plastic wrapping only to find a stack of three plastic boxes.

A woman displays the three plastic punnets used to package some oyster mushrooms from Woolworths
Another Woolies shopper was shocked to discover three plastic punnets were used to package some mushrooms. Source: Facebook

Disappointed at the amount of plastic that was unnecessarily used, the woman called out the "lazy" act on the supermarket's Facebook page.

"Pretty bad Woolies!" she wrote.

"Just bought a pack of oyster mushrooms from your Byron Bay stall, it's bad enough you wrap 'em in plastic in a plastic box, but this pack had three plastic containers! Pretty lazy."

Accompanying the woman's post was a photograph of the oyster mushrooms she bought in a frypan and the three plastic punnets they had been packed in.

Woolworths responds

Woolies has committed to "growing greener every day" in its 2025 Sustainability Plan and often promotes sustainability and recycling hacks to its social media followers.

In a statement to Yahoo News, a spokesperson for Woolworths said that while the retailer is working hard to reduce plastic packaging, sometimes it's necessary for food safety and quality.

Woolworths storefront
Woolworths has committed to a green future in its 2025 Sustainability Plan. Source: AAP

"We're committed to growing greener and reducing plastic across our stores, and since 2018, we've removed more than 6,000 tonnes of plastic from our own brand packaging," the spokesperson said.

"We're aiming to make 100 per cent of our own brand packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by the end of 2023, and to halve the amount of virgin plastic in our packaging by 2024.

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