Woolworths shopper stunned by surprising online order error

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A Woolworths shopper has been left stunned after the store “stuffed up” her online order.

While we’ve all heard stories of online order mishaps during lockdown, one woman’s experience has gone especially wrong.

Sharing the mix-up in a video on TikTok, the woman couldn’t believe what was in her online order.

“Woolworths online stuffed up and sent us 17 kilos of carrots!” the shopper said in the video while filming shopping bags full to the brim of carrots.

Two large Woolworths bags full of carrots. Source: TikTok/@kayleehiko
The woman said she order just two bags of carrots, but received 17 kilos of them instead. Source: TikTok/@kayleehiko

“Does anyone need carrots?” she jokingly asked.

The shopper who goes by the TikTok name @kayleehiko, is from Sydney, New South Wales, and says she was in lockdown when she received the crazy amount of carrots in her online order.

“I ordered two packets that were packed with my normal groceries,” she went on to explain.

“And then two Woolworths bags of all these arrived too.”

Her video, which she reposted recently from her own TikTok feed one year ago, has since been viewed 162,000 times.

She's not the only one

Incredibly, almost everyone who commented on the video had experienced something similar with Woolworths sending them excessive amounts of everything from cheese to salmon.

“One time they messed up and gave us $98 worth of salmon! All my family and friends were eating good that day,” one person shared.

“One time I ordered 15 individual Hot Crossed Buns and received 15 packets instead,” added another.

“They always stuff up our orders too! Last time I got about 17 kilos of cheese,” commented a third.

Another common mistake from the online team was confusing 300 grams with 3 kilos, with several people saying the mix-up had happened to them.

“Instead of 300g of Brussel sprouts, I got 3kgs of Brussel sprouts,” one person shared.

“Once I ordered 300g of ham and they sent me 3kgs of ham. I shared it with my family,” said another.

Exterior view of Woolworths Miranda supermarket. Source: Getty Images
Several Woolies online customers said they've had mixed up orders packed by Woolies staff in the past. Source: Getty Images

“Oh my god, I kind of had the same thing. I got 3kgs of onions! I’m just one lady, standing in front of 3kigs of onions asking wtf,” another online shopper added.

Meanwhile, others couldn’t help but joke about the strange mix-up,

“The driver delivering them must be like why so many carrots?” 0ne person joked.

“Looks like you’re going to be on a health kick of carrot juice for the next couple of months,” said another.

Woman receives double of everything

Another Woolworths shopper took to TikTok to share her online order fail. Incredibly, she received double of absolutely everything in her order.

"The moment you order $300 worth of groceries and they send you everything doubled, but don’t charge,” she said on her video.

A woman was left shocked when she received double her Woolworths online order but was only charged once. Source: TikTok
A woman was left shocked when she received double her Woolworths online order but was only charged once. Source: TikTok

“Woolworths, you’ve stuffed up.”

The woman shared a video of all the doubled-up items including eggs, toilet paper, sausages, packets of walnuts, crumpets, ice cream, cream and halloumi cheese.

But there was one thing she wasn't happy about, despite the extra groceries.

“I am disappointed that you replaced my Tasty Toobs for Burger Rings though,” she joked.

“Maybe I should ask for a refund?”

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