Woolworths shopper spots 'infuriating' detail in freezer: 'Really annoys me'

Angry Woolworths shoppers have slammed the disrespectful act of a fellow customer who dumped a popular food item in the freezer of a Gold Coast store.

A photo shared online shows a hot roast chicken left in the freezer section of Woolworths Robina, inciting the wrath of Reddit users.

Woolworths  hot roast chicken in freezer
Woolworths shoppers have slammed the disrespectful act of a fellow customer who dumped a roast chicken in the freezer. Source: Reddit

“Spotted in Woolies at Robina on the GC,” a customer wrote.

“Really annoys me. Some lazy shopper couldn’t be bothered to return it to the hot chook section and so just dumped it in the freezer instead,” he added.

Wastage riles shopper

In the accompanying photo, the hot roast chook looks out of place sitting among stacks of frozen pizzas.

However, it was not the shopper’s act itself that riled the customer, but the wastefulness – as the item could no longer be sold.

He wrote: “A chicken has died for no reason.”

Woolworths shoppers exit supermarket with groceries
The Woolworths shopper was furious that the "chicken had died for no reason". Source: Getty

The Gold Coast man told 7 News he noticed the chicken among the frozen pizzas on Saturday and when he returned on Sunday, it was still there.

Yahoo News Australia understands that the product has since been removed from the freezer section of the Robina store.

While cooked roast chicken can be safely frozen at home in an airtight container or freezer bag, the roast chook in this instance was discarded by the store in question.

Woolies shoppers rage over 'lazy' act

Reddit users were outraged by the act and demanded shoppers treat Woolies hot roast chooks with respect.

“Lazy buggers everywhere. I always see things like this and it really p**ses me off. Infuriating,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “The Woolies hot chook is one of Australia’s truly iconic foods; it should be treated with more respect than this.”

Woolworths hot roast chicken on board; Woolworths sign behind plants
Shoppers demanded the "iconic" Woolies roast chook be treated with respect. Source: Getty

“Not the barbecue chook!” wrote a third.

A supermarket employee also weighed in, saying they often see “stuff like this” and worse.

“The worst is when people leave perishable foods in the regular aisles. Waste of food and really gross,” the staffer wrote.

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