Woolworths shopper reveals strange detail in Bricks collectables

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A Woolworths customer has pointed out an unusual detail she spotted on the store’s popular bricks promotion.

Sharing her odd discovery on the Woolworths Facebook page, the mum pointed out that the Woolworths Brick people in the store’s sustainable collectables are missing an important feature.

“How come you didn’t make the Woolworths brick people have hands that are horizontal?” the mum asked alongside a snap of her set.

Woolworths Brick person shown with a trolley. Source: Facebook
One shopper has pointed out a seemingly overlooked detail with Woolworths Brick people. Source: Facebook

The picture shows the brick people’s hands being vertical instead of horizontal, making it impossible for them to hold the play trolley while standing up straight.

“Never seen anyone shop like this before,” the shopper jokingly added alongside a laughing emoji face.

She went on to add that she discovered the strange feature while playing with her daughter.

“I was playing “the customer” part with my daughter and was like, let me get a trolley and then was like wtf?” she said of the seemingly overlooked detail.

Her post attracted comments from others who said they’d noticed other annoyances with the promotion product too.

“They definitely should have asked Lego for some pointers before making,” one person suggested.

“Stickers over multiple blocks is just not going to last.”

Others said the store should consider larger instructions as the ones included were too hard to read.

Some also wondered if they could be used alongside Legos.

Yahoo News Australia understands that the Woolworths Bricks are compatible with other brands.


What you need to know about Woolies Bricks

The “sustainable collectables” range was launched on September 8 by the retailer and has proven to be extremely popular with customers.

Each collectable set is available when customers spend $30 in-store or online.

Customers can also score bonus Woolworths Bricks packs by purchasing products from participating brands.

Every Tuesday Woolworths will reveal the bonus point products from brands including Carman’s, Cold Power, Colgate, D’Orsogna, Energizer, Finish, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Huggies, Ingham’s, McCain, Moccona, Tip Top, Mount Franklin, Purina Total Care, Purina DentaLife, Sorbent and Twinings.

 Woolworths Bricks. Source: Woolworths Group
Shoppers havae taken to social media to share hacks for collecting bonus packs of Woolworths Bricks. Source: Woolworths Group

Each Brick is made from 80 per cent recycled materials, including old refrigerators, swimming goggles and luggage handles, and helps customers to build a replica of a sustainable Woolworths supermarket.

There are 40 Lego-style brick packs to collect and once customers have them all they can complete their own version of the sustainable supermarket store, featuring solar panels, Free Fruit For Kids baskets, checkout registers, car charging stations, trolleys and more.

Customers go crazy for building bricks

Woolworths customers have already flooded social media with their brick creations.

One Woolies worker took to TikTok to explain how the bricks promotion worked.

“You have to spend $30 in-store and then you get one of these little packets and it will have whatever it has inside. Then, you build her up and add her to your collection,” TikTok user @georgiaellen7 said in a video.

Excited shoppers have since watched her video more than 271,000 times and it has attracted 16,500 likes and hundreds of comments.

The Woolworths staffer explained how to build your own Brick person. Source: TikTok
The Woolworths staffer explained how to build your own Brick person. Source: TikTok

Customers warn of disappointing detail

If you want to get your hands on the popular promotion, you had better get in quickly.

One shopper has offered a warning to others, saying they shouldn't be surprised if they can't access the promotion straight away.

"If I can give everyone a warning, it's to buy all the accessories you need in the first day or two to avoid being disappointed and missing out," she wrote on Facebook.

"Obviously only buy what you need, but every promo I see so many mums desperate to get their hands on cases that have already sold out.

"We know these things sell out quickly, so if you think your kids are going to love it then grab what you need. I've been left short before and it wasn't fun."

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