Woolworths shopper reveals little-known Everyday Rewards hack

Getting through the Woolworths checkout just got a whole lot quicker, after one savvy shopper shared a secret phone hack.

Posting about her discovery on Facebook, the customer explained that key features of the Woolworth’s app can be easily accessed, simply by holding down the app icon - not actually opening it.

The nifty trick allows shoppers to quickly access their Everyday Rewards card barcode, store specials, and saved shopping lists.

The move also allows you to search for products and access shopping lists from previous shops.

“Mind has just been blown,” the impressed shopper wrote alongside screenshots of the hack.

Two screenshots of an iPhone screen.
Simply holding down the Woolworths App gives you quick access to a range of options. Source: Facebook

“If you hold your finger on the app icon it will bring you up a list of options and you can bring up your Everyday Rewards card instantly.

“It also can take you to a quick search, your default shopping list, and current specials.”

Woolworths shoppers shocked simple hack works

Her post was welcomed by other Woolworths shoppers who said they were equally surprised.

“I had no idea!” one customer said.

“Wow mind-blowing,” said another.

Woolworths shopping carts.
A shopper has revealed a suprising hack which is sure to make your next trip to Woolies easier. Source: AAP

But there are a couple of things that must be done first to ensure this trick will work.

When Yahoo News Australia attempted this hack, we discovered customers will first need to set up a Woolworths account and be signed into the Woolworths app.

An active Everyday Rewards card must also be linked to the app.

Another Everyday Rewards hack revealed

This isn’t the only Woolworths Everyday Rewards hack that has surprised shoppers.

Another savvy customer recently revealed how she picks up extra points without spending a cent.

Woolworths shop front.
Woolworths shopper has shared a time-saving phone hack. Source: Getty Images

“Who else sees a receipt in trolleys and adds the points to their account? I just added 700 points today... winner!!” the woman posted on Facebook.

While her post sparked some debate around whether this was in fact stealing, others said her trick to getting free points was genius.

The Everyday Rewards website states that a customer can claim points if they forget to scan their card at a point of sale, however, there are a few restrictions.

The claim must be made within seven days of the receipt being issued, the receipt must be for less than $500 and you can only process three points claims in a six-month period.

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