Woolworths promotion sparks 'disgust' in vegan group online

A sign displayed at a Woolworths self-service checkout area has ruffled feathers among a group of vegans who have made no secret of their disapproval.

The sign, erected on several plastic dividers at a Sydney Woolworths, advertised extra Everyday Rewards points to customers who spent at least $20 on fresh meat.

"Collect five times [the] points on your total shop when you spend $20 or more on fresh meat," the bright orange sign, a photograph of which was uploaded to Facebook last month, read.

Woolworths sign.
A sign inside a Sydney Woolworths was not received well by a group of vegans. Source: Getty Images

The photo received a frosty reception after it was shared to a vegan group, where the person behind the post proposed the supermarket not advertise such promotions.

"Ew, can you not though Woolworths," their post read.

Some also questioned whether plant-based meat products would be included in the promotion, but Yahoo News Australia understands that this wasn't the case.

A Woolworths spokesperson said the sign was advertising a short-term promotion over Easter and the supermarket often has similar Everyday Rewards cards deals on various products.

The supermarket giant has had "hundreds of plant-based products on promotion over the past two months", the spokesperson said.

Post sparks 'disgusted' response from vegans

Dozens of people responded to the post many describing the promotion as "desperate marketing".

"Great so now people are getting rewards for buying flesh," one person wrote in response.

"Bit of an oxymoron. How can dead flesh be 'fresh'," another said.

A promotional sign at Woolworths offering Rewards points for fresh meat purchases.
This promotion for fresh meat was described as 'revolting' by vegans. Source: Facebook

Others in the vegan group labelled the sign "disgusting" and "revolting", while one said it was enough to turn them off shopping at Woolworths all together.

Woolworths promotion popular with shoppers

Despite the outcry in the vegan group, a Woolworths spokesperson said the promotion had been a popular one with shoppers.

"This short-term promotion was available to Everyday Rewards members over Easter, which is a time many families like to enjoy a roast lunch," a spokesperson said.

"This year was no different and the offer proved to be very popular with many of our members.

"Separately for our vegan customers, we’ve had hundreds of plant-based products on promotion over the past two months, with some items being discounted by up to 50 per cent during catalogue periods."

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