Woolworths shopper slams 'bogus specials' - but what are they?

A Woolworths shopper has expressed their frustration with the tickets seen throughout the supermarket, decrying the "bogus specials" but it soon emerged that there is a sensible explanation.

The customer took to the Woolworths Facebook page sharing images of items with the red 'Prices Dropped' tickets displayed.

"Just 2 examples of over 30 I could have taken," they said sharing images of Moccona coffee and Raid bug spray.

"Bogus specials, I buy this coffee and it's always 16, I even asked a worker about the bogus specials and she said it's through out the store."

Pictured is the Moccona coffee at Woolworths and the 'Prices Dropped' ticket, explaining it is $16
A Woolworths customer was confused by the 'Prices Dropped' ticket at the supermarket. Source; Facebook

The price drop ticket for the coffee explains it was $19 in 2016, but now it is sold for $16.

Similarly, the bug spray was $10 in 2017 and is now $8.

"Doesn’t look like a special tickets, look more like a price drop ticket," someone said in the comments.

Woolworths explains how Prices Dropped tickets work

In response to the customers post, Woolworths cleared up the confusion.

"We understand that the coffee you purchase normally costs $16 and that's what our ticket states," a Woolies spokesperson wrote under the post.

"It states that the coffee had cost $19 back in 2016, but the price has dropped since and is now $16."

It is possible the customer was getting the prices dropped and specials tickets mixed up, so Woolworths further elaborated.

"For further clarity, our red coloured tickets indicate a price drop and our yellow coloured ticket represent specials for the product," Woolworths said.

"We hope this clears thing up for you."

Pictured is a Woolworths store and a man walking out with his groceries.
Woolworths explained the difference between the 'Prices Dropped' tickets and the 'Specials' tickets. Source: AAP Image

Tickets way for Woolworths to highlight lower prices

One person responding to the disgruntled shopper's post said they were a fan of the prices dropped tickets.

"Woolworths just highlights the lower price and how long it has been at that price with a price dropped shelf label," the person wrote.

"Personally, as a customer, I think it’s a great thing that both Coles and Woolies have been able to keep prices down on some lines especially with a lot of other products rising in price."

This isn't the first time the tickets have confused Woolworths customers, back in 2019, a customer accused Woolworths of "misleading" shoppers with the the prices dropped tickets, however they were given the same explanation by the supermarket giant.

Coles run a similar marketing program with its 'Down Down' tickets, highlighting prices that have dropped compared to historical prices.

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