'I had no idea': Woolworths shopper baffled by checkout sign

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A man has shared a humorous encounter he had while at a Woolworths, explaining he misunderstood a sign and took it quite literally.

The man said he was waiting in line at a Woolworths checkout, with lollies in hand.

He was then motioned forward by a Woolworths team member, however, she was working the ‘Confectionery Free’ checkout, so the man told her he had lollies.

The interior of a Woolworths store. Source: AAP
The man explained how he had misunderstood a sign at Woolworths for quite some time now. Source: AAP

He then started making his way towards another checkout, one that was not ‘Confectionery Free’.

The female worker then started laughing and explained he could still pay for lollies at her checkout, the sign just indicates there’s no confectionery displayed at the checkout for children to see.

“SAY WHAT?” he wrote on Facebook.

“All this time I thought it meant you can’t use the lane if you have confectionery.”

He shared a picture of the checkout sign which says “Confectionery free checkout”, and it is easy to understand why the man believed he could not purchase lollies there, as there is no other context.

A Woolworths 'confectionery free checkout' sign is pictured. Source: Facebook
The 'confectionery free checkout', just means there's no lollies or chocolate at the checkout to tempt shoppers. Source: Facebook

It turns out Woolworths has had the checkouts with no confectionery for some 20 years and most supermarkets across Australia have them.

“These checkouts are located in the vast majority of our stores across the country and act as an alternative checkout option for those customers who do not wish to purchase, or be enticed by, any confectionery,” a Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia

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