Woolworths reveals staggering detail about hot cross buns ahead of Easter

Woolworths has once again taken to TikTok to reveal some behind-the-scenes info about their products, including the staggering amount of hot cross buns they sell per year.

In a 37-second video posted earlier this week, Woolies’ TikTok frontman Liam Kirley revealed five fun facts about the retailer's popular hot cross buns.

At the beginning of the video, Liam reveals that the popular Easter treat begins appearing on shelves in mid December "because they are far too good to wait".

While some customers detested the pre-Christmas appearance of hot cross buns, Liam revealed that Aussies purchased a whopping two million buns in their first week on shelves.

Hot cross buns; Woolworths TikTok screenshot
A hot cross bun traditionally weighs about 70 grams, meaning almost 40 million hot cross buns would be needed to make up the 2,865 tonnes Woolworths sells per year. Source: Getty Images, TikTok/@woolworths_au

Liam also revealed that each year, Woolworths manages to sell approximately 2,865 tonnes of hot cross buns, which equates to about five Airbus A-380 planes.

The TikTok also reveals that the most popular month to purchase hot cross buns is April, to which Liam joked: "no surprises there".

The fourth fact in the TikTok involves Liam discussing fan-favourite limited edition hot cross bun flavours including apple and cinnamon, banana caramel, and mocha.

On trend with many of Woolworths’ recent TikToks, the video ends with a teaser and another joke.

“Final fact, the crosses on the top are made of... well that’s a secret. Not telling you,” he says.

Woolworths teases hot cross bun flavours in comments

The TikTok has gained an impressive 12,800 views since upload, and has attracted several comments from die-hard hot cross bun fans.

"Will they be gone after Easter? Keep them," one customer said.

"My favourite hot cross buns are the dairy milk ones, my mum has to buy like four a week just because I eat them all," commented another.

"How do you make them so good?" asked one TikTok user, to which Woolworths playfully replied "guess you'll never know".

TikTok screenshots of Liam Kirley speaking to camera. Inset photo of hot cross buns
One TikTok user guessed that the hot cross bun crosses were made of flour and water, to which Woolworths responded "maybe, maybe not". Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au, Getty Images

Many TikTok users also took to the comments section to request the return of their favourite hot cross bun flavours, to which Woolworths responded with cryptic hints.

“Bring back the sticky date and caramel ones from 2014, they were so good!” one TikToker said.

“Guess we may have to look into that!” Woolworths said in response.

“Is it just me or would Nutella hot cross buns sell out in an hour? Come on Woolies you can do it!” wrote another.

“Did we hear Nutella? Interesting...” Woolworths responded.

Other TikTok users requested that the Caramilk buns make their way back to shelves, while others shared fond memories of eating the banana and caramel, and apple and cinnamon hot cross buns.

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