'Disappointed' Woolies customers find new garden collectables 'growing something else'

Woolworths recent promotion has been well received since it launched earlier this month off the back of their controversial Lion King Ooshies promotion.

However, people now starting to notice problems with their Discovery Garden plants, with concerned customers sharing photos of the biodegradable pots growing mould.

“The kids came down this morning to find our first sprout,” one person posted on Woolworths Facebook page.

“Disappointed to later discover something is also growing on the outside of the pot... mould!”

One mother was excited to see one of her plants was starting to sprout, but a little less enthused to see mould growing. Source: Facebook.

“Are anyone else’s pots growing spots of mould? I’m just wiping it away but is there any way of stopping it?” One person asked in a private Facebook group.

“I know it’s caused by the moisture but we only water every three days of so, so not really much.”

“We’d like to reassure growers that mould can be a natural part of the process when it comes to growing a natural product,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

“Mould is found everywhere and comes down to the environment and caused by local conditions such as moisture and airflow.

“If you see mould appearing, we suggest gently wiping it off with a tissue or cloth.”

To prevent mould growth, Woolworths said to ensure the seedling has proper ventilation and is in direct sunlight.

Many people in the comments are saying the mould is due to the “air flow”.

“I spread mine out so more airflow would dry the sides out,” one person commented on the post.

“They are still in a takeaway container on my window sill.”

“Yes the air flow in the design is poor just let them sit out and get some natural light,” another person said.

Many people in the comments have said they have put their pot plants in the sun and in a different container, to allow for better “air flow”.

For the most part, people have been impressed with the latest promotion.

People are speculating the mould could be a result of an 'airflow' issue. Source: Facebook.

When Woolworths announced they would be offering Ooshies for every $30 spent at stores or online people did not hold back, slamming Woolworths for using more plastic.

“Dear Woolworths,” one person shared on Facebook.

“I like your new promotion much more than the previous movie-flavoured plastic landfill. Thank you.”

“So impressed with the Discovery Garden promo,” one parent wrote on Woolworths Facebook page.

“My kids are so excited. I'm a happy shopper. No guilt and disappointment at check out over those other plastic things previously given out that we had to say no to, or try to keep clear of Woolies for that reason.”

“Thank you Woolworths for listening to feedback and providing a really environmentally friendly and educational thing for kids to collect,” another person said on Facebook.

“Love the little gardens collectables.”

However, one person took aim at the promotion - announcing he binned his Discovery Garden pot, after receiving coriander seedlings.

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