Shopper's scathing reaction to find in Woolworths' new promotion

A disgusted shopper has taken aim at Woolworths over its new gardening promotion after being left revolted by the seedling he received.

The Western Australian man photographed himself “flipping the bird” at a little pot of coriander, one of the herbs which is a part of the store’s Discovery Garden promotion.

Truly offended by the mere existence of the herb, also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley, he announced to Facebook on Wednesday that it went straight in the bin.

Coriander is known for its divisive reputation, with some people repulsed by the taste and others not able to get enough.

As somewhat of an internet joke, a number of Facebook pages exist which are completely dedicated to people’s hatred of the plant, with one having more than 217,000 members.

The man was not alone in his protest as others showed solidarity in comments.

Woolworths shopper expressing their disgust at a coriander seedling. Source: Facebook/Woolworths

“Tastes like dog sh*t,” someone replied.

“I have to say I agree with the guy,” another added.

Even Woolworths weighed in, saying “we love all our seeds equally” and adding the hashtag “don’t be hating”.

Someone else agreed the man was been a little overdramatic and called him out for being “an uncultured prick”.

One person asked that all the coriander be given to him so he could “build a forest to live in”.

Woolworths launched Discovery Garden in September, a new collectables promotion off the back of the controversial plastic Ooshie campaign.

“Great promo for seedlings instead of plastics, but get rid of this junk please,” the disgruntled shopper added to his post.

Earlier this month a customer expressed confusion over the new campaign after it hit shelves a week ahead of schedule.

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