Woolworths and Costco pitted against each other in hilarious TikTok

Have you been to Costco lately? Oh wait, that question is for members only!

Tiktok comedian @nomnomjenny has poked fun at the US supermarket giant in a new hilarious video personifying supermarket chains from an Aussie point of view.

In her last video she had Coles and Woolies duking it out as arguing siblings.

This time, her focus is on the unique quirks of bulk-buy megastore Costco and how it compares to Aussie supermarket Woolworths.

The funny TikTok has racked up over 42,000 likes, 300 shares, and over 200 comments.

Sydney-based content creator @nomnomjenny’s account has over 114,000 followers due to her comical takes on Australian brands and companies.

Stills from the TikTok video.

Woolworths vs. Costco

In the video @nomnomjenny compares the "regular" supermarket, Woolworths, and Costco.

“We package our things in appropriate quantities. Here’s 200 grams of blueberries”, she says, while posing as Woolworths.

Putting on a deeper, deadpan voice for the Costco role, Jenny says: “Here’s five kilograms of blueberries. I hope you like antioxidants”.

As a bulk supply store, Costco offers large quantities of items that may cost more upfront but work out cheaper per item or by weight.

Jenny continues to compare the two stores throughout the video.

“Our shelves are organised so you can always reach what you need,” Woolies says.

“We bulk pack our food to the ceiling,” Costco replies. “We’re inspired by Bunnings Warehouse.”

No membership, no shop

Next, Jenny pokes fun at Costco’s members-only policy.

“You can come into our shop and buy whatever you like,” her Woolworths character says.

People with shopping carts filled with groceries walking out of Costco.
Costco is a bulk-buy supermarket that offers large quantities of products for low prices. Source: Getty Images

“To buy stuff, you have to buy a membership fee, and we’ll assign you to a tier cause we have the operational model of a cult.”

Costco is the only chain in Australia to require a membership to shop there.

You can register for a Business Membership for $55 per year or a personal ‘Gold Star’ Membership for $60 per year.

Yahoo Finance did a deep-dive last year on whether the membership was worth it, where we decided that - for the savings and fuel discounts - it was.

However, many Aussies are yet to get used to the concept of store memberships, while they may be commonplace in the US, they’re still a novelty here.


TikTok cracks up

As usual, @nomnomjenny’s comments are filled with people laughing, agreeing with her, and pointing out more similarities and differences between the two shops.

“Love it”, one person commented.

"Lol, truth though”, another TikToker says.

“OMG, you are a legend,” someone else adds.

Supermarket aisle.
As the Tiktok comments show, people have strong opinions around their favourite supermarket. Source: Getty Images

One user agrees with Jenny's shelving sentiment, commenting: “When I walked into Costco, I thought it was Bunnings for a while”.

There are a few Costco defenders, with on person commenting that “Costco is cheaper” and another saying: “Costco pays for itself in one shopping trip”.

Another TikTok user points out: “Yeah, but the food court at Costco”, commenting on the tasty selections available in store.

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